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About The Bavarian Inn Retail Shops

The retail stores at Bavarian Inn had their beginning in the Bavarian Inn Lobby in 1960. Clara Block was hired to sell African Violets, fresh brown eggs, and stollen bread. A store was added in 1965 where Tiny’s Dining Room currently is located. Here, jewelry and gifts were sold. In 1966 the Bavarian Inn added restrooms and a much larger gift shop on the same lower level, eliminating the lobby shop and the first floor gift shop.

Tiny Zehnder’s sister, Ermia “Bowsie” Nuechterlein, was the buyer and manager of the gift shop for many years. She had such passion for the retail business. She loved to buy and sell. The success of the gift shop led the way to more and more shops over time. Today there are 7 unique shops in the lower level of Bavarian Inn Restaurant called the Castle Shops.

Our traditional gift shop, now named the Royal Gift Shop, is loaded with women’s accessories and gifts from around the world. You can also to find traditional beer steins from Germany here.

In our Candy Corner you will find a wonderful selection of “out of the ordinary” treats, including a wall of Jelly Bellies.

Right across the hallway you will be drawn into the Homemade Chocolate Shop with its sweet aroma. Candy makers will entertain you as you watch homemade delectable being made.

Don’t miss our Souvenir and Cheers Shop with racks full of t-shirts and sweatshirts printed with hilarious sayings. This is where you can pick up Frankenmuth souvenirs for yourself, friends, and family back home.

Down the hall you can almost hear the cooing and giggling of newborn baby dolls in their nursery, ready for adoption. They are surrounded by unique and educational toys in our Doll and Toy Shop.

The Bake Shop is a favorite of all who visit. This shop offers many fresh, delicious baked goods made by skilled hands in our own production bakery. In addition you will find food items imported from Germany and food-related accessories you don’t want to be without.

In our Beer and Wine Shop check out our private label wines, including selection from Germany and Michigan. Bavarian Inn Restaurant offers the greatest German beer selection on its menu and those beers plus more are all available. If you or someone you know likes beer and wine, you will absolutely love this shop.

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